Hotstove Tonight: Fighters need to keep helmets on

Watch on demand as the Hotstove Tonight panel discussesfighting in hockey and the importance of pugilists keeping helmets on as they trade punches.

Panel discusses safety issues

Hotstove: Removing helmets during the fights

10 years ago
Duration 3:52
The panel says teams do not want helmets removed during fights.

If you're going to fight, keep your helmet on.

In the latest segment of Hotstove Tonight on Hockey Night in Canada, the panel discussed fighting in hockey and the importance of keeping the helmet on while exchanging punches with an opponent.

Glenn Healy said general managers had a call to review the issue and work towards making the game as safe as possible.

"When you get in a fight, do not take your helmet off," Healy said was the message GM's sent to their players.

Hockey Night in Canada's Elliotte Friedman added that viewers shouldn't be surprised if referees start stepping in to break up fights when a player takes his helmet off. 

Banning fights for good? Not happening.

"There's no appetite to ban it," said Friedman. "I don't think anybody wants to ban it so it's always going to be there."

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