Don Cherry says 'you fight, you get hurt'

Don Cherry explained Saturday night why he may not have been too sympathetic with Canadiens forward George Parros, who was knocked out of the Leafs game with a concussion.

Says Canadiens' George Parros getting injured comes with territory

Don Cherry has a message for NHL enforcers who want to drop the gloves: Being injured comes with the territory of being a tough guy. 

The never bashful Coach's Corner commentator described on Tuesday night why he wasn't too sympathetic towards Montreal Canadiens forward George Parros, who was knocked unconscious against the Toronto Maple Leafs and taken off the ice on a stretcher with a concussion. 

"Here's the name of the game: You fight, you get hurt," he said. "That's the name of the game." 

Parros was entangled in a bout with Colton Orr and appeared to get his hands caught in Orr's jersey, falling face-first onto the ice.

Cherry also sounded off on another enforcer, who is big in stature but is also a big coward, according to Cherry: Buffalo Sabres forward John Scott.

Cherry explained Saturday night during his Coach's Corner segment on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada why he was upset at the six-foot-eight winger, who went after the much smaller Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs during a brawl on Sept. 22.

"Tough guys never pick on a guy like Kessel, and bing! he does it," said Cherry. "If you wanted somebody, there was [Leafs forward Carter] Ashton, right there, you could have got him, but you turned on a little guy like [Kessel]. 

"And you know what I call that? A big guy taking on [a smaller player], is a bully. And a bully to me is a coward. That's what I think of the whole thing. A bully is a coward to pick on the little guy." 

Cherry also went on to praise Canadiens goalie Carey Price for his first-period play against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and described why he thought hybrid icing could work...for now. 

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