Coach's Corner: Don Cherry says 'never mind the concussions'

Don Cherry stated his case for star players to refrain from fighting during his Coach's Corner segment on Saturday.

Grapes doesn't like when star players fight

Don Cherry made it clear in the most recent episode of Coach's Corner that he is not in favour of super stars engaging in fights. (YouTube)

This Saturday's segment of Coach's Corner featured a rant by Don Cherry about super stars engaging in fights.

His strong dislike for that approach was inspired by Sidney Croby's recent tilt with Bradon Dubinsky.

Cherry points to the number of stars injured as a result of fighting and emphasizes that the task should be left to enforcers. 

When host Ron MacLean interjects to say that concussions are a strong reason to refrain from dropping the gloves, Cherry gets agitated and retorts "never mind the concussions" and opines that "you don't see guys getting concussions from fighting."

  • Cherry also says that the Leafs will "have it made in three years" because of the hiring of Mark Hunter as the team's director of player personnel.
  • The segment ends with a tribute to Steve Montador who recently passed away at the age of 35.