Canadiens' Max Pacioretty makes Bruins fans cheer him

Boston Bruins fans don't like Montreal Canadiens star Max Pacioretty. But what happens when they don't recognize the Habs foe and he offers them free burgers?

Boston faithful claim 'Max is unbeatable!'

Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty, left, offered free burgers to Bruins fans, and tricked them into praising him in a McDonalds commercial filmed in Boston. (YouTube)

There are few rivalries in hockey as serious as the one between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins.

So it shouldn't surprise anyone that Boston fans don't like Montreal star Max Pacioretty. But what happens if they don't recognize him and he offers them free burgers?

He looked nervous as he got ready to begin meeting Boston fans, but it turned out he had nothing to worry about.

Without his red, white and blue jersey, Pacioretty went unnoticed by Bruins fans, who tried the burger named after him —  the "Max 67," — as part of a McDonalds commercial filmed in Boston. They were then prompted to tell the forward to his face: "Max is unbeatable!"

As the unsuspecting Bruins fans munch away on their burger, Pacioretty finally introduces himself with a coy smile.

"I'm Max Pacioretty, and that is my burger."

At first, it's quiet as the Bruins faithful process their communal sacrilege before they all respond in pretty much the same way:

"C'mon man, you're killing me," said one fan.

"I like the burger, but you gotta leave," said another.


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