Fans ride the ups and downs of country's NHL teams

There's been lots for Canadian hockey fans to talk about when it comes to the country's seven teams. Here are the highs and lows of the season's first month.

A look at the best and worst moments of the 1st month of the season

Toronto Maple Leafs' Auston Matthews, right, and Winnipeg Jets' Patrik Laine have each shown why they were drafted 1-2, respectively, last June. (Canadian Press/Associated Press)

There's been lots for Canadian hockey fans to talk about when it comes to the country's seven teams. Here are the highs and lows of the season's first month:

Toronto Maple Leafs

High: It comes as no surprise that the highlight of the Maple Leafs' season so far is No. 1 draft pick Auston Matthews' four goals in his NHL debut against the Ottawa Senators. 

Low: Granted the Maple Leafs are a young team and they have suffered a couple of tough losses this season, but the hardest loss to watch might have been the 7-0 shellacking at the hands of the L.A. Kings. 

One thing is certain, no one wanted to be a Maple Leafs player the next day at practice. Leafs coach Mike Babcock continued to skate his players after the lights went out.

It looks like Babcock took a coaching tactic out of the Herb Brooks handbook.

Montreal Canadiens 

High: You've heard it before, but the Price is right for the Canadiens. Goaltender Carey Price is a perfect 10-0 this season with a .957 save percentage.

In case you missed it, this is what Price looks like when he's in net:

Low: Price didn't play against the Columbus Blue Jackets (Al Montoya got the start) and the Canadiens lost 10-0. Ironic? Maybe.

Coach Michel Therrien decided to rest Price because they were playing back-to-back games, with the Philadelphia Flyers coming up next. The team suffered a 10-goal loss for the first time since an 11-1 loss to the Detroit Red Wings in 1995. Of course, what happened next became infamous in the Canadiens' history.

Ottawa Senators

High: On Oct. 27 Senators goaltender Craig Anderson left the team to be with his wife Nicholle, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Anderson has returned to the ice and taken a couple more leaves since. He most recently returned to play on Nov. 5 wearing a warm-up jersey with his wife's favourite number.

The support that Anderson has shown his wife and that he's received from his team has been heartwarming to say the least. 

Low: No offence, but the Senators haven't been overly exciting to watch this season. Fans are hoping their team picks up the pace soon. 

Edmonton Oilers 

High: Well, there's no surprise here. Nineteen-year-old captain Connor McDavid had a great start to the season, leading the Oilers to a 10-3 record in October. McDavid currently sits third in the league in points. 

Not on the McDavid bandwagon yet? This may get you on board. 

Low: Although the Oilers started their season off well, they are currently 2-7 in the month of November. It's probably no coincidence that McDavid hasn't scored in eight games, though he's been getting the assists.

The Oilers have a road trip ahead of them where they will play the Ducks, Kings and Stars. Nonetheless, the heart of this team is staying positive:

Vancouver Canucks 

High: It sure was nice to be a Canucks fan at the start of the season when they went 4-0.

Low: But it sure does hurt to be a Canucks fan when they follow up that start with eight straight losses. 

Remain optimistic Canucks fans, the team found a way out of the slump by defeating the New York Rangers 5-3. 

Winnipeg Jets

High: There's no doubting the young talent on this team. Leading the way is No. 2 overall pick Patrik Laine, who has posted two hat tricks this season thus far. 

Laine's first three-goal game was Oct. 19 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He single-handedly brought the Jets back into the game. 

Laine recorded his second hat trick Nov. 8 against the Dallas Stars. 

But  Laine isn't the only millennial contributing. Mark Scheifele, 23,is currently tied for first in the scoring race. 

Low: If there had to be a low in the Jets' season so far, it's likely their goaltenders, both of whom have struggled at various times. 

Calgary Flames 

High: Calgary fans were at ease and excited knowing Johnny Gaudreau re-signed with the Flames

Low: Gaudreau and Sean Monahan have found themselves in a bit of a slump this season, but have remained on the top line for the Flames.