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From McDavid to Matthews, breaking down the contenders to win NHL MVP: Pizzo

The holy grail of individual NHL awards is the Hart Trophy. Rob Pizzo dives into the list of candidates for hockey's most prestigious personal honour.

And the NHL Oscar goes to ...

In honour of Sunday's Academy Awards, we offer up who would take home hockey's version of the Oscars.

Kobe Bryant had a big impact on stars in the NHL

Other athletes looked up to and admired Kobe Bryant in the same way basketball fans did, and that includes some of hockey's biggest stars.

Keeping up with the changing formats in NHL all-star game: Pizzo

The first official all-star game happened in 1947 (games before that were benefit games), and since then we have seen 6 formats.

Santa's list: Who's been naughty and nice in the NHL

Santa Claus's pen is probably running out of ink keeping track of the NHL this year.

Flyers' Vigneault tops this year's class of 'new' coaches with NHL teams

Seven teams entered this season with new coaches behind the bench and, because of a traditional grace period given to the new guy, have been relatively free from critique.

With Hockey Hall inductions done, let's argue over next year's class: Pizzo

When it comes to recurring hockey debates, the annual selections to the Hockey Hall of Fame have to be at the top of the list.

If there was a Fab Four of hockey, who would it be?: Pizzo

Rob Pizzo goes down the road of comparing his musical heroes with his hockey heroes.

From 1 to 300, Connor McDavid is in the company of NHL greats: Pizzo

Connor McDavid picked up career point 394 in his 300th NHL game on Tuesday, a pace only a few players in history have managed.

Sometimes, even in hockey, you just want to know why: Pizzo

Why do teams with a penalty get to ice the puck? Why don't goalies serve their own penalties? We want answers.