Arizona Coyotes: New name, new uniforms?

The latest agreement to keep the NHL in Glendale stipulates that the team's name will change to the Arizona Coyotes, a move that may require new uniforms. Take a look back at the best and worst designs in the franchise's history.

The many looks of the former Phoenix franchise

The new agreement to keep the Coyotes in Glendale stipulates that the NHL team's name will become the Arizona Coyotes, a move that may spark a change in uniforms.

No redesign plans have been announced, but at the very least the "PHX" shoulder patch would need to be turfed if the team undergoes yet another uniform alteration.

Take a look at how the franchise has gradually altered its appearance since moving from Winnipeg in 1996 in the photogallery above.

Let us know your picks for the best design, worst design, and your special award for the designers that obviously had no help from their parents in the comments section below.