Are the Senators out of touch with their fan base?

Ottawa Senators COO Nicolas Ruszkowski has said the majority of the fans are "confident with the direction of the team." However, thousands on social media strongly disagree.

Team COO said fans are confident with the direction of the team, readers disagree

Senators owner Eugene Melynk, left, and GM Pierre Dorion believe fans are supportive of the NHL team's rebuilding process. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Something isn't jiving in the world of the Ottawa Senators.

On Monday, general manager Pierre Dorion told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning that the team's fan base supports the radical rebuild the franchise is currently undertaking.

This includes the trading of star defenceman and captain Erik Karlsson last week, which was widely criticized.

Watch Ottawa's reaction to the Karlsson trade:

A tale of two cities: Ottawa and San Jose react to the Erik Karlsson trade

5 years ago
Duration 1:37
Erik Karlsson is no longer a member of the Ottawa Senators, leaving their fans heartbroken. But in San Jose, the players are ecstatic about their new all-star teammate.

But COO Nicolas Ruszkowski confirmed a poll the team took, claiming a vast number of fans back the rebuild plan.

"We know that the very large majority of the fans are enthusiastic about the team, they're passionate about the team, they trust management," Ruszkowski said.

"There is a very vocal minority that does have concerns, and they have no difficulty expressing their feelings. But the overwhelming majority, roughly 75 per cent, are in a place where they are confident with the direction of the team."

Well, CBC Sports conducted its own poll, where the numbers were far different. On the Hockey Night in Canada's Twitter poll, readers were asked if they were confident with the direction of the Ottawa Senators.

Five hours into the poll, 8,000 responded with a whopping 92 per cent claiming they were not confident.

Some even jokingly claimed that they were confident the Senators were headed in a direction: toward relocation.

While this Twitter poll is not scientific in any way, it seems the divide between the Senators' management and their fans continues to widen.

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