5 things we learned in the NHL last week: Matt Calvert is a hockey mummy

There was no shortage of moments that caught the attention of hockey fans over the last seven days, including Matt Calvert using his head (literally), and Optimus Reim's less-than-optimal return to the Air Canada Centre.

Plus, some teams facing an injury 'crisi-tunity' and James Reimer doesn't miss Toronto

Matt Calvert celebrates his shorthanded goal against the New York Rangers in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday. (Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Another week of the NHL season has come and gone, but not without teaching us a few lessons along the way.

Here's a look back at some of the most exciting and/or strange events that caught the attention of hockey fans over the last seven days and what we learned from them.

1. Reimer had a rocky return

James Reimer waved "hello" to fans when he took to the Air Canada Centre ice on Thursday, but he was probably glad to say goodbye following a blowout loss in his return to Toronto.

While "Optimus Reim" was beaten by a beauty goal from Mitch Marner... 

...a majority of the six (six!) goals the Panthers netminder allowed against his former team weren't exactly high-quality opportunities.

2. Crisis or opportunity?

Team doctors and trainers across the NHL had a busy week.

The Devils will be without Taylor Hall for three to four weeks. Johnny Gaudreau won't be back for the Flames for at least six weeks. Steven Stamkos has played his last hockey game for the Lightning in 2016, with an eye on returning in March of next year.

While the loss of players of this calibre hurt their respective clubs, there could be a (albeit small) bright spot to these injuries.

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3. Ovie can score more than just the puck

The "Rivalry Night" matchup between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals wasn't much of a contest, but Alex Ovechkin definitely put on a show.

After deking out Marc-Andre Fleury on a breakaway, Ovie slid the puck in... before doing the same to Fleury.

4. It's just a scratch, no big deal

To say Matt Calvert had an eventful night on Friday would be an understatement. The Columbus Blue Jacket required 36 stitches after stopping this Nick Holden shot with his face:

Calvert returned to the game soon after, and the partially mummified forward scored a shorthanded game-winning goal.

He seemed pretty chuffed after the game despite the fact hat he went from looking like a hockey mummy to the hockey version of Harry Potter.

5. Barkov is a shootout specialist

Try as he may, the Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist just couldn't stop Barkov's shot from trickling in and delivering the win to the Florida Panthers.

To be fair, Lundqvist wasn't the first goalie he's beaten with such a move, and he probably won't be the last.