Twitter renders its verdict on Tortorella

Team USA's head coach John Tortorelli faces social backlash after losing to Team Canada in the World Cup of Hockey.

Team USA coach stirs up the on-line anger

Team USA head coach John Tortorella. (Chris Young / The Canadian Press)

After Team USA drew first blood against Canada in Tuesday's World Cup of Hockey game, the stars started to align for head coach John Tortorella.

But it proved to be only temporary.

What exactly was Tortorella thinking during the game against the Canucks? Here are a few theories:

After U.S. took the lead, Canada came back with three unanswered goals in the first period and Tortorella did not know how to handle the pressure. 

Or maybe he felt more pressure being back in Canada? Remember when Tortorella was head coach of the Vancouver Canucks during the 2013-14 season? 

Maybe, just maybe, Torts was a little uneasy being back on Canadian soil after trying to fight Calgary Flames players. 

A very plausible theory: Tortorella's worst nightmare, New York Post writer Larry Brooks simply got in his head. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Tortorella vs. Brooks drama, here's a clip of the two exchanging a few words when Tortorella was with the New York Rangers. 

Regardless of what happened, one thing is for sure: USA fans are very displeased with the head coach. 

After losing to Canada, that's a wrap for Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey. 


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