105th Grey Cup might just be the most Canadian ever

In the twilight of the country's 150th anniversary celebrations, the Toronto Argonauts defeated the Calgary Stampeders 27-24 in the nation's capital in a night jam-packed with Canadiana.

Shania Twain's half-time entrance on dog sled among many unique northern moments

Relentless snow in the first half and a cameo from the Prime Minister make for a truly Canuck championship game. (Canadian Press/ Getty Images)

From players sliding in the snow to Shania Twain's epic half-time entrance on a dog sled, the 105th Grey Cup might just go down in history as the most Canadian Grey Cup ever.

In the twilight of the country's 150th anniversary celebrations, the Toronto Argonauts defeated the Calgary Stampeders 27-24 in the nation's capital in a night jam-packed with Canadiana. 

In true Canuck style, snow fell relentlessly throughout the first half making for some frigid and slippery, yet picturesque, moments.

Not surprising, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was on hand to bask in the excitement.

While the players seemed to have laser vision through the snowflakes, optics were apparently an issue for some from the stands.

And of course, snow plows and shovels made a cameo on the field. 

In perhaps the most anticipated moment of the night, Canadian country music star Shania Twain took the field for a uniquely northern halftime show. 

All the patriotism should really be no surprise. After all, is there anything more Canadian than the Grey Cup?


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