CFL suspends Eskimos' Hervey

Ed Hervey will miss Friday's much-anticipated rematch between the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders. Although not by choice.

Hervey, 30, was suspended one game by the CFL following Monday's melee at McMahon Stadium.

The Eskimos wide receiver swung his helmet during a third-quarter brawl and, inadvertently, smacked linesman Brent Buchko on the side of the head.

"That's a very dangerous situation," CFL supervisor of officials Neil Payne said. "It's unacceptable behaviour.

"Historically, I cannot remember having faced anything like this. I cannot remember an official being hit by a player swinging a helmet, intentionally or otherwise."

Stampeders defensive back Davis Sanchez and defensive co-ordinator Jim Daley were also fined and disciplined, respectively.

"The CFL in no way, shape or form condones the actions of these players nor the inappropriate conduct of the Calgary coach," CFL vice-president of football operations Ed Chalupka stated.

"The actions taken reflect the seriousness of the situation and we expect all players in the CFL to govern themselves professionally."

"I fully support the league sanctions and feel strongly that Monday's fight is not characteristic of the Edmonton Eskimos or the Calgary Stampeders," said Daley, who exchanged words with Eskimos offensive guard Kevin Lefsrud.

Hervey was handed an objectionable conduct penalty and ejected from the contest, won 28-22 by Calgary.

"My situation was not as professional as I should have been," said Hervey, who had two receptions totalling 20 yards.

"I took a swing at a player and hit him by mistake. I am not that vicious."

Hervey supposedly swung his helmet at Sanchez in a fit of rage after being struck in the groin moments earlier.

Asked Payne: "When you have your helmet off and are using it as a weapon, does it matter who's head you're trying to hit?"

"For 60 minutes, my intensity level raises," Hervey explained. "Sometimes it raises to the point it can get out of control.

"It is going to be entirely up to me to control that, but maybe I need a little help. That's more of a personal issue with me."

The scuffle ensued when a late hit from Stampeders defensive lineman Garret Smith propelled Eskimos quarterback Ricky Ray out of bounds and into a Gatorade stand.

"It was a really emotional game and things happen when you're in the middle of it," said Stampeders defensive end Sheldon Napastuk, who received a major foul for his part in the fracas.

"Some stuff was done and said that was highly inappropriate. But they probably didn't expect to be down to us, were frustrated and thought we were roughing up their quarterback."

"I think it really got out of control," Eskimo defensive tackle Dorian Boose said Monday.

"It was just a lot of attitude, pride and testosterone all over the field."

with files from CP Online