Errant pucks and a flippin' bobsled led to these OMG moments

Two errant hockey pucks and one bobsled that couldn't decide if it was flipped or upright led to these OMG moments this past weekend.

The Leafs' John Tavares, NBC's Pierre McGuire and a bobsled worker all had luck on their side

A track worker in Lake Placid jumps to safety just in time as a bobsleigh comes barreling toward him.

The Rule of Three was alive and well this past weekend, and a lucky trio couldn't be happier.

That's how many close calls there were on the ice, where errant pucks and a speeding sled narrowly avoided causing significant injury.

None, though, were worse for wear, and left us with some pretty cool video:

Johnny Cool

On Saturday, the Maple Leafs' bench got a bit of a wake-up call when an errant puck headed straight for it. Everyone flinched and ducked for cover.

Well, except one guy.

John Tavares was unfazed. 

Close shave

NBC broadcaster Pierre McGuire had luck on his side when a puck flew within inches of his face in Saturday night's Tampa Bay-Columbus game.

A close call for Pierre McGuire as a puck almost hits him. 0:16

Too close for comfort

A bobsleigh track worker in Lake Placid, N.Y. thought Team Monaco's sled was still flipped on its side and had entered the track in order to help the team stop, as is procedure. But unbeknownst to him, the sled had righted itself and was coming right at him. 

He escaped injury just in the nick of time by hopping back onto the sidelines. 


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