Commonwealth Games


Jason Statham: Actor, hero, Commonwealth Games diver

You likely only know Jason Statham as the brooding action movie that specializes in vehicular mayhem. But that wasn't his first career choice.

Action star competed in diving events in 1990

Before he was an action movie star, Jason Statham tried to make an international mark as a competitive diver. (BBC)

Before Jason Statham began locking, stocking, transporting, cranking, snatching, and expendableing(?), he was just another man trying to gain international fame as a competitive diver.

Statham, he of action movie stardom, spent 12 years on England’s national diving team, and participated in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in New Zealand.

One dive in particular did not go well.

In archival footage dug up by the BBC, we see a young Statham attempt a triple somersault in the 10-metre platform competition. He entered the water at a less-than-ideal angle, creating a splash more akin to something you see when one performs a cannonball at a local pool.

(GIF via Bleacher Report)

His scores were also less than ideal. Statham’s poor finish “earned” a 13.86 score. This is not good. The England judge in particular was very harsh, giving Statham a miniscule 0.5, the lowest possible score a judge can award.

Jason Statham got a less-than-ideal score after flubbing a dive at the 1990 Commonwealth games. (BBC)

Considering his international fame and multimillion-dollar movie contracts, it was probably a good idea that he switched careers.


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