Commonwealth Games


Commonwealth Games: Canada's medallists

The full list of medals won by Canadians at the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

Full list from competition in Glasgow, Scotland

Canada's Samir El-Mais shows off his gold medal after winning the title in the men's 91 kg boxing event. (Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

The full list of medals won by Canadians at the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland:


  • Ryan Cochrane (swimming): Men's 400m freestyle.
  • Ryan Cocharne (swimming): Men's 1,500m freestyle.
  • Annabelle Kovacs, Maria Kitkarska, Patricia Bezzoubenko (rhythmic gymnastics): Team competition.
  • Patricia Bezzoubenko (rhythmic gymnastics): Individual all-around.
  • Patricia Bezzoubenko (rhythmic gymnastics):Individual ball.
  • Patricia Bezzoubenko (rhythmic gymnastics): Individual hoop.
  • Patricia Bezzoubenko (rhythmic gymnastics): Individual clubs.
  • Katerine Savard (swimming): Women's 100m butterfly.
  • Sultana Frizell (athletics): Women's hammer throw.
  • Audrey Lacroix (swimming): Women's 200m butterfly.
  • Catharine Pendrel (cycling): Women's mountain bike.
  • Marie-Eve Beauchemin-Nadeau (weightlifting): Women's 75 kg.
  • Erica Wiebe (wrestling): Women's 75 kg.
  • Korey Jarvis (wrestling): Men's 125 kg.
  • Damian Warner (athletics): Decathlon.
  • Jim Steacy (athletics): Men's hammer throw.
  • Meaghan Benfeito & Roseline Filion (diving): Women's 10m synchro.
  • Meaghan Benfeito (diving): Women's 10m.
  • David Tremblay (wrestling): Men's 61 kg.
  • Arjun Gill (wrestling): Men's 97 kg.
  • Dori Yeats (wrestling): Women's 69 kg.
  • Derek Drouin (athletics): Men's high jump.
  • Brianne Theisen-Eaton (athletics): Women's heptathlon.
  • George Kobaladze (weightlifting): Men's +105 kg.
  • Danielle Lappage (wrestling): Women's 63 kg.
  • Tamerlan Tagziev (wrestling): Men's 86 kg.
  • Scott Morgan (artistic gymnastics): Men's rings.
  • Scott Morgan (artistic gymnastics): Men's vault.
  • Ellie Black (artistic gymnastics): Women's beam.
  • Jennifer Abel (diving): Women's 1m springboard.
  • Samir El-Mais (boxing): Men's 91 kg.
  • Michelle Li (badminton): Women's singles.


  • Kirsten Sweetland (triathlon): Women's competition.
  • Des Vamplew and Jim Paton (shooting): Full bore rifle pairs.
  • Samantha Cheverton, Brittany MacLean, Alyson Ackman, Emily Overholt (swimming): Women's 4x200m freestyle.
  • Emily Batty (cycling): Women's mountain bike.
  • Jim Paton (shooting): Men's Queen's Prize individual.
  • Jessica Zelinka (athletics): Women's heptathlon.
  • Jennifer Abel and Pamela Ware (diving): Women's 3m synchro.
  • Scott Morgan (artistic gymnastics): Men's floor.
  • Ellie Black (artistic gymnastics): Women's vault.
  • Brittanee Laverdure (wrestling): Women's 55 kg. 
  • Jevon Balfour (wrestling): Men's 65 kg.
  • Kevin Lytwyn (artistic gymnastics): Men's rings.
  • Diane Roy (athletics): Women's para-sport 1,500m.
  • Ryan Bester (lawn bowls): Men's singles. 
  • Jennifer Abel (diving): Women's 3m springboard.
  • Ariane Fortin (boxing): Women's 75 kg.


  • Dorothy Ludwig (shooting): Women's 10m air pistol.
  • Alix Renaud-Roy (judo): Women's 70 kg.
  • Jonah Burt (judo): Men's 81 kg.
  • Patricia Bezzoubenko (rhythmic gymnastics): Individual ribbon.
  • Ana Laura Portuondo (judo): Women's 78 kg.
  • Alyson Ackman, Michelle Williams, Sandrine Mainville, Victoria Poon (swimming): Women's 4x100m freestyle.
  • Sinead Russell, Tara van Beilen, Katerine Savard, Sandrine Mainville (swimming): Women's 4x100m medley.
  • Rémi Pelletier-Roy (cycling): Men's 20km scratch race.
  • Hilary Caldwell (swimming): Women's 200m backstroke.
  • Marie-Josée Arès-Pilon (weightlifting): Women's 69 kg.
  • Brittany MacLean (swimming): Women's 800m freestyle.
  • Tim Nedow (athletics): Men's shot put.
  • Pascal Plamondon (weightlifting): Men's 85 kg.
  • Jasmine Mian (wrestling): Women's 48 kg.
  • Zachary Clay, Nathan Gafuik, Anderson Loran, Kevin Lytwyn, Scott Morgan (artistic gymnastics): Men's team event.
  • Brooklynn Snodgrass (swimming): Women's 50m backstroke.
  • Aurelie Rivard (swimming): Women's para-sport 200m IM.
  • Kate Van Buskirk (athletics): Women's 1,500m.
  • Jill Gallays (wrestling): Women's 53 kg.
  • Braxton Stone-Papadoloulos (wrestling): Women's 58 kg.
  • Michael Mason (athletics): Men's high jump.
  • Julie Labonte (athletics): Women's shot put.
  • Alex Dupont (athletics): Men's para-sport 1,500m.
  • Christabel Nettey (athletics): Women's long jump.
  • Roseline Filiion (diving): Women's 10m.
  • Mandy Bujold (boxing): Women's flyweight.
  • Ellie Black (artistic gymnastics): Women's floor.
  • Kevin Lytwyn (artistic gymnastics): Men's high bar.
  • Shawnacy Barber (athletics): Men's pole vault.
  • Cam Levins (athletics): Men's 10,000m
  • Anqi Luo and Mo Zhang (table tennis): Women's doubles.
  • Vincent Riendeau (diving): Men's 10m platform. 
  • Alysha Newman (athletics): Women's pole vault.


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