Vincent Riendeau

December 13, 1996
5 feet 8 inch
150 pounds
Home Province:
Olympic Games:
Rio 2016
Notable Finishes:
Silver (10m synchro) at Toronto 2015 Pan American Games; Bronze (10m) Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

It’s not easy to compete in a sport where you’re almost naked, showing off all of your body. Canadian diver Vincent Riendeau says that looks are important in diving, so he’s always aware of how his body looks. Divers are (unofficially) judged on how they look on the platform, so they need to be as physically fit and lean as possible.

“Amongst divers, looks are quite important. We will worry about how we look and if we’re as fit as everybody else."

But looks aren't everything. Divers need to have strong legs to provide the power for the jumps and a strong core to help with control to finish the perfect dive. It’s how athletes use their bodies in mid-air rather than the aesthetics of their physique that is most important to the judges.