Meaghan Benfeito

March 2, 1989
5 feet 1 inches
105 pounds
Home Province:
Olympic Games:
Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016
Notable Finishes:
2x Bronze medallist in Rio 2016, Bronze medallist in London 2012

Wearing a bathing suit to the beach is hard enough for a lot of young women, but imagine it was your job to compete and to be judged in one. Canadian diver Meaghan Benfeito knows that feeling all too well. The three-time Olympic medallist understands the pressure to look a certain way – she’s competed and been judged within her sport since she was a young girl.

“As a woman, as a young girl in a sport like that, sometimes it could get hard. But being around the right people will motivate you.”

The 29-year-old says she has never felt pressured to lose weight or change her body for aesthetics reasons.  She credits the people around her for providing a great support system which helps her feel comfortable in her skin.