Matthew Buie

August 2, 1987
6 feet 4 inches
200 pounds
Home Province:
Olympic Games:
Toronto 2015 Pan American Games
Notable Finishes:
Gold (Men’s 4), Bronze (Men’s 2) at Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

Matthew Buie has the perfect body type for rowing with his long legs and a strong upper body. But even being in top physical condition doesn’t prevent the world cup medallist from feeling intimidated by his competition. But it’s seeing those big and strong rivals that helps push him to reach the ‘next level.'

"There’s a huge mental aspect to rowing. Just because you’re the right body type doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great rower. There’s also a personality and drive aspect to rowing."

Having the perfect physique isn’t the most important part of the sport. There’s a huge mental aspect too. Just because an athlete has the right body type, it doesn’t mean that they will be a great rower. Buie says that having the right personality and drive is also a very important part of rowing.