Korey Jarvis

October 4, 1986
6 feet 2 inches
253 pounds
Home Province:
Olympic Games:
Rio 2016
Notable Finishes:
Silver 2015 PanAm Games, Gold 2014 Commonwealth Games

Canadian Olympic wrestler Korey Jarvis knows what people see when they look at his ears – and he’s cool with that. He sees them “like a badge of honour.”

“My ears are like a badge of honour. Some people are like ‘that’s crazy looking’ but I think it’s amazing.”

Growing up, Jarvis was seen as a ‘big kid.’ He wasn’t the most athletic looking guy in high school. It took a while to feel at ease competing and training in the skimpy spandex wrestling singlet. But now the 31-year-old is happy with his body and, once on the mat, he finds all the confidence he needs to keep him fighting and representing his country in competitions.