Hugo Barrette

Track Cycling
July 4, 1991
5 feet 9 inches
198 pounds
Home Province:
Olympic Games:
Rio 2016
Notable Finishes:
Pan American Games: 2015 – Gold (sprint), Gold (team sprint), Bronze (keirin)

Hugo Barrette’s body knows all about suffering and recovering from injuries. The 26-year-old started as a hockey player but soon switched to cycling, which he believes causes more severe injuries. And in his experience, it certainly has.

Like a lot of athletes, Barrette’s body has been bruised and broken over and over again. He has a collarbone full of metal to prove it… and that isn’t even the worst he’s faced.

“It’s such a journey, it gets you to the worst place you can be but man when you get out of these places that’s the sweet spot and that’s what life is about.”

A crash in 2015 almost ended his career -- and his life. He broke 2 vertebrae, his nose, split his lip, dislocated his neck and suffered a concussion. Somehow just 81 days later he was back on the track and going full out winning races.

The things his body can do continue to surprise both Barrette, and his doctors.