Erica Gavel

Wheelchair basketball
May 25, 1991
5 Feet 11 Inches
Home Province:
Olympic Games:
2016 Rio Paralympic Games
Notable Finishes:
1st at Americas Cup in Cali Colombia, 5th at 2016 Rio Paralympics

When injury forced Team Canada’s Erica Gavel to make the switch to wheelchair basketball, the athlete also changed how she saw her body. It was no longer about what it looked like; it was all about performance. An idea she struggled with early in life.

“In high school, what was really hard was, I was getting these big muscles and everyone else was just trying to stay skinny.”

The Paralympian battled between building a muscular body that would help her play university basketball and fitting in with kids her age who just wanted to be skinny. But now, Gavel’s perspective about her body has totally changed.