Oakley, Hill feud over gambling debt

Charles Oakley and Tyrone Hill probably won't be dining together anytime soon, but at least they're closer to ending their feud.

Hill, Philadelphia's starting power forward, paid the Raptors' Oakley money he owed him from a dice game last summer, a 76ers team source told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Hill went to Toronto's team hotel Tuesday to meet Oakley after the Raptors arrived in Philadelphia.

The teams' Eastern Conference semifinal was tied heading into Wednesday's Game 5.

Oakley would not confirm that he was paid the remainder of the debt, about $54,000.

"Everything in life is double," Oakley said before Wednesday's game. "If he didn't pay me $108,000, he didn't pay me."

Oakley said the NBA doesn't want him to talk about the feud during the playoffs.

That didn't stop him from taking shots at Hill.

"A gentleman pays his debt within a week or two," Oakley said, adding that it's a "coward move" for Hill to say he paid him.

Hill would not comment before the game.

Oakley was suspended for one game without pay and fined $10,000 last month for hitting Hill in the head with a basketball after a morning shootaround in Toronto before the 76ers played the Raptors on April 3.

Before a pre-season game, Oakley slapped Hill and neither was allowed to play.

Oakley has got the better of Hill on the court for the most part during this series. Oakley is averaging 7.5 points and 6 rebounds, Hill is averaging 5.8 points and 7.3 rebounds.

By Rob Maaddi