Raptors release new logo

The Toronto Raptors posted a possible new team logo Friday on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

New uniform, colour scheme planned for next season

The Toronto Raptors unveiled a new logo in a video released Friday. (Aaron Harris/Getty Images)

The Toronto Raptors posted a possible new team logo and several colour scheme options on their Twitter account Friday.

The tweet came after the team stirred things up on social media earlier in the day by posting a potential new logo to their Facebook page.

The post links to a new video that includes the potential logo. The video follows up on the "We the North" branding campaign that was launched last season. At the end of the video the narrator says, "This is our shield," as a black and white basketball with a raptor claw is revealed.

National Post reporter Eric Koreen said in a tweet that this will indeed be the team's new logo. He reported a new colour scheme and uniform is planned for next season.

The logo Koreen confirmed has a slightly different colour scheme, featuring a red circle instead of a white circle surrounding the basketball and team name.

Toronto rapper Drake, the Raptors' "global ambassador," was involved in the creation of the new logo.

"I think people are going to be floored with what we have in store for next season," Drake told reporters this week. "It's gone really well. We have some exciting things in the works. It's going to be a full rebrand."

The Brooklyn Nets, who have a similar logo and colours, responded with a cheeky tweet directed at the Raptors.

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