Garnett, Szczerbiak scuffle after practice

Minnesota's Wally Szczerbiak said he and teammate Kevin Garnett have resolved their differences after a post-practice confrontation Tuesday in which Garnett had to be forcibly restrained.

"It's like when you get in a fight with your brother," Szczerbiak said Wednesday. "These things happen."

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Garnett confronted Szczerbiak in the team's training room about an hour after practice.

After an exchange of words, Garnett had to be pulled away by teammate Andrae Patterson and at least two staff members.

Szczerbiak told reporters after the team's morning shootaround that the dispute developed from a play during practice.

"It was just a play where I was guarding Sam (Mitchell), and Kevin's man came over and set a little brush screen and I just said, 'Hey, Kev, can you help, step up, call the screen,' and he said 'Play some defence'," Szczerbiak said.

"And I kind of went back (at Garnett) because that kind of hit me the wrong way, and then he kind of went after me.

"It was just kind of the heat of competition, going up against a great team trying to win and play hard."

Garnett, who refuses to speak to the media before games, did not comment at the morning shootaround.

"When you go through intense practices, you end up having battles," coach Flip Saunders said. "When you have guys competing, that's all a part of it.

"It's nothing we haven't seen."

Szczerbiak said he was surprised at Garnett's reaction considering how well the players get along with each other.

"That's why this is so out of this world," Szczerbiak said. "I just hope that both parties agree to put this behind them.

"I know I'm willing to."