Bison Dele killed by brother: report

Former NBA player Bison Dele was killed by his brother, Miles Dabord, as the two got into an argument aboard Dele's boat, accoring to Dabord's former girlfriend.

Erica Weise told the Los Angeles Times that Dabord and Dele were fighting and Dele's girlfriend Serena Karlan was fatally injured when she tried to break up the altercation.

Bertrand Saldo, the boat's captain, was then killed by Dele because the captain wanted to report Karlan's death to authorities, said Weise.

Dele and Dabord continued to fight, and Dabord shot and killed Dele in self-defence, said Weise. She told the newspaper that Dabord said he weighted the three bodies and dumped them overboard.

None of the bodies have been recovered.

Dabord died on Sept. 27 from what was termed as a result of an insulin overdose combined with not taking his asthma medication, according to the Times as told to the paper by Dabord's mother, Patricia Phillips.

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The disappearance of Dele turned into a murder investigation after Weise informed the FBI of the struggle aboard the boat. Dabord, who was also known as Kevin Eugene Williams, was reportedly seen docking the empty boat on July 15. He left Tahiti two days later and was wanted on two arrest warrants in connection with disguising himself as Dele, also known as Brian Williams.

Police in Phoenix detained Dabord on Sept. 5 after he said he was Brian Williams and signed receipts with that name while trying to buy $152,000 US in gold. He showed his younger brother's passport as identification before he was taken into custody by police. However, he was released without being arrested.

Dele, who spent the last three years of his life travelling around the world, played on the Chicago Bulls' championship team in 1996-97.

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