Jose Bautista's feud with Darren O'Day, Orioles

The hatred between Jose Bautista and the Baltimore Orioles is reaching Vancouver Canucks-Calgary Flames proportions. The Blue Jays outfielder was thrown at again by an O's pitcher and soon after homered. Where does the ongoing war of words go from here?

What's next in Jays OF's war of words with rival?

The Blue Jays' Jose Bautista is restrained by second base umpire Tripp Gibson as he shouts towards fellow outfielder Adam Jones and the Orioles bench as he takes to the field for the eighth inning on Tuesday night. Baltimore players didn't like how Bautista flipped his bat and slow-trotted to first base after homering off rookie reliever Jason Garcia, who earlier threw a pitch behind the Toronto slugger. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

The hatred between Jose Bautista and the Baltimore Orioles is reaching Vancouver Canucks-Calgary Flames proportions.

For the second time in 10 days, an Orioles pitcher threw behind the Toronto Blue Jays right-fielder. And for the second straight time, Bautista made the hurler pay with a home run.

In the seventh inning Tuesday night, rookie Baltimore reliever Jason Garcia threw a pitch behind Bautista, who launched a two-run home run two pitches later in an eventual 13-6 victory in Toronto.

"I'm an emotional player and if you throw at me, I'm not going to forget and if I get you right after [with a homer], then I'm going to enjoy it. I have no regrets about it," Bautista told reporters after the game. You can listen to more from the media scrum below.

After connecting off Garcia, Bautista flipped his bat and slow-trotted to first base, prompting some verbal abuse from Orioles first baseman Steve Pearce and second baseman Ryan Flaherty. As Bautista crossed home plate, he glared into the Baltimore dugout.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he, too, would probably have been upset like Bautista, but pointed out Garcia wasn't trying to hit his opponent.

Bautista exchanged words with fellow outfielder Adam Jones and soon the entire O's bench when he took the field in the top of the eighth inning.

"The only thing I heard was [Jones] saying that was bush league or something," Bautista told reporters after the game. "What was bush league was throwing behind me."

On April 12, Bautista homered for the fourth time in his career against reliever Darren O'Day in Baltimore, a pitcher with whom he has a history of verbal battles.

Earlier in the at-bat, O'Day had delivered a pitch up and in on Bautista, who glared toward the mound.

The Orioles sidewinder plunked Bautista with a pitch last season, believed to be in retaliation for young Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman throwing a fastball high and back of the head of Baltimore catcher Caleb Joseph that signalled a warning to both teams from the home plate umpire.

The bad blood between Bautista and O'Day started in late June 2013 at Rogers Centre in Toronto. O'Day struck out the Jays' slugger and yelled at him. Less than 24 hours later Bautista deposited a 3-2 pitch from the O's right-hander over the wall in left field and mimicked talking with his hands before crossing the plate.

"He kind of ran his mouth a little bit after he struck me out," Bautista said of O'Day at the time, "and I don't know where that came from.

"This is the only pitcher I have a history with," Bautista added earlier this month. …"There's history. He's hit me a few times, thrown behind me a few times, and I've got him a few times [with homers]."

Bautista entered Wednesday's game with a .333 batting average (5-for-15) against O'Day with four home runs, eight runs batted in, three walks and five strikeouts.

What do you think will happen tonight against starter Ubaldo Jimenez and the rest of the Orioles' pitching staff? Share your thoughts in the comments section and on our Facebook page.


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