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Cancer-stricken boy, 6, gets World Series tickets

Cancer-stricken Noah Wilson, a six-year-old boy who lives about 35 kilometres outside Kansas City, will be attending Game 2 of the World Series, thanks to a warm-hearted neighbour and his online friends.

Neighbour, online friends sending Noah Wilson to Game 2 in K.C.

Noah Wilson, 6, will be attending Game 2 of the World Series on Wednesday in Kansas City with his dad Scott and other family. Noah's neighbour, Ryan Zimmerman, wanted to get the cancer-stricken boy and his family tickets to watch his favourite team, the Royals, and started an online campaign that raised more than $10,000 US. (Twitter)

How often have you said these words: You can’t pick your neighbours.

If you could, you would want someone with the heart of Ryan Zimmerman, who lives in Olathe, Kansas, about 35 kilometres outside Kansas City, Mo.

His neighbour, six-year-old Noah Wilson, has cancer. Noah is a die-hard Kansas City Royals fan who wants for nothing more than to see his team play at Kauffman Stadium in the 110th World Series against the San Francisco Giants.

Thanks to Zimmerman and his online friends, his wish has come true.

Zimmerman began a campaign on to raise money for World Series tickets and as of Saturday night the total had reached $10,000 US. All proceeds will be given to Scott and his wife Deb for the extraordinary medical bills.

“It’s my mission to get him and his dad [Scott] or family tickets to one of the games,” Zimmerman wrote on the page. “If you can help make this brave guy’s day, please help.”

Well, StubHub, the onlineticket marketplace, heeded Zimmerman’s call and donated six tickets to Game 2 in Kansas City.

Minutes after that news, former major league manager Joe Torre, now executive vice president of baseball operations for Major League Baseball, passed along this news …

Zimmerman told ABC News recently that Noah’s courage and selflessness through his struggle has been inspiring.

“That’s just another part of what makes this kid so special, that he’s dealing with things that I couldn’t even fathom and he’s still thinking about other kids in the hospital with him,” Zimmerman said.

On Wednesday, he’ll have the Royals on his mind as well.