Blue Jays: 5 things to know for 2016 season

The Toronto Blue Jays will look to recapture last season's magic as they open the 2016 campaign against the division rival Rays in Tampa Bay.

Fresh roster, ticket hikes highlight changes

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman will lead off the rotation as he takes the mound in the team's season opener against the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday. ( Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images)

The Toronto Blue Jays will look to recapture last season's magic as they open the 2016 campaign against the division rival Rays in Tampa Bay. 

Here's everything you need to know to get you ready for the first pitch:

​Is another playoff run in sight?

More than a month of spring training has helped Toronto solidify their roster for what they hope will be a deep playoff run. 

The departure of ace pitcher David Price has opened the door for a healthy Marcus Stroman to lead the rotation.

CBC Sports writer Doug Harrison breaks down this and all the other key roster changes in his full analysis.

Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman was dominant in his first four spring starts (1.98 ERA) with 12 strikeouts in 13 2/3 innings. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

Season's most anticipated matches

Now that you're primed on the roster, be sure to mark down the biggest dates in the Blue Jays schedule on your calender. 

The team is sure to receive a huge welcome when they play in front of their home crowd for the first time on April 8, but what about those playoff grudges that might have hung on from last year?

CBC Toronto has all the big games and series, including when the Blue Jays will meet the Kansas City Royals for a rematch of the 2015 American League Championship series. 

Winning comes at high cost for fans

Last year, the Blue Jays were one of the hottest tickets in Toronto, drawing crowds from across the country and selling out their last 12 games. 

Unfortunately for the fans, last year's successful season that saw Toronto make the playoffs for the first time in more than 20 years has helped bump up the ticket prices. 

Jamie Strashin of CBC Sports takes you through the new 'dynamic' ticket system.

Canadians factor in Jays' lineup

Toronto has two of the five Canadians set to start the season on major league rosters. But what they lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality. 

Catcher Russell Martin, of Montreal, hit a career-high 23 runs in his first season with the Blue Jays.

CBC Sports provides the details on Canada's homegrown baseball talent

Bautista, Encarnacion contracts looming problem

It may be too early to worry about Toronto potentially losing their two biggest sluggers in Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, but contract talks have not been progressing. 

Both are prepared to walk if their demands are not met, so this could realistically be the final shot at the World Series title with this roster. 

Find out what the impact could be for the team's future


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