Blue Jays' Bautista bat flip heard around the world

The 53-minute 7th inning of Game 5 of the Blue Jays vs. Rangers ALDS was one for the history books. A rollercoaster that had fans throwing beer cans at first, and then their hands in the air as Joey Bats hit a three-run homer. Then he threw his bat, and the Twitterverse threw up all the memes.

What do you meme?

The #Bautistabatflip will go down in the history books even if it isn't "officially" a Canadian Heritage Moment. (via

Unless you are Gollum and live deep beneath a mountain in middle earth, you know that the Blue Jays defeated the Texas Rangers in their American League Division Series on Wednesday.

But did you also know that the Blue Jays hashtag #ComeTogether was trending No. 1 world wide on Twitter during the game? 

It was a roller coaster of a Game 5 that included a fluke accident, raining beer cans and a Tulo tush tap (and that was only the 7th inning). The pièce de résistance of that seventh inning, and the game, was Jose Bautista's three-run homer and the proceeding bat flip.

It was a bat flip heard round the world. One for the history books. Literally a Canadian Heritage moment. 

The #Bautistabatflip has not one, but three Twitter accounts dedicated to it, and fans are already commemorating the occasion with memorabilia.

And ink. Wow, that's a fast turnaround. 

Bautista's bat flip has even inspired some of his major league counterparts to give it a shot.

And not just his baseball counterparts, but also their family members. Marcus Stroman's sister incorporated the bat flip into her kindergarten classroom. 

And in case you need help incorporating the Bautista bat flip into your daily routine, our favourite viner Brittlestar made this handy how-to. 

With all this talk of the bat flip, you've probably noticed that no one is talking about the aftermath.

Well, this is probably why.

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