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Vivek is a sports journalist based in Toronto who primarily covers basketball, but is also passionate about soccer, tennis, and cricket. When not committed to the "Ball is Life" grind ... Let's not kid ourselves, that's all he does.

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New Olympian Jayde Riviere has seemed destined to play a big part for women's national soccer team

With pace for days and a cannon of a right foot, Jayde Riviere has transitioned from being an attack-minded midfielder for her youth team to providing dynamism and explosiveness on the wing for the senior national team.

In the evolution of Andre De Grasse, joy — and success — in running fast is the constant

Preparation is everything for Andre De Grasse, and it's why for those precious seconds in the race he is completely locked in. He knows that there's been no stone left unturned, every stride has already been rehearsed to perfection, and everything that's been done to that point is what is going to lead him to the biggest prize.

Amid buzz of NBA players, rock-solid Melvin Ejim a stalwart of Canada's men's basketball team

Melvin Ejim represents the bridge between then and now for Canada basketball, a Toronto native struggled to find courts to play on as a child but persevered and now sees the fruits of that labour in the kids who can pick up a basketball and play the game at a moment's notice. This is how Ejim built his path.

The father-daughter relationship behind the success of rising Canadian tennis star Leylah Annie Fernandez

Leylah Annie Fernandez's ability to maximize everything within her 5-foot-4 frame has put her on the cusp of making her name an unforgettable one in the tennis world. Key to her rise has been the coaching of a her father Jorge, a former South American soccer pro who knows what it takes to make the most of what you have.

Running 'easy': Aaron Brown's escape from the darkness of doubt

For far too long, Canadian sprint champ Aaron Brown only expected the worst. A victim of his own expectations, sometimes a self-fulfilling prophecy, this is how Brown flipped the script on his own narrative with the help of one of the greatest sprinters of the past two decades.

Mississauga's 'Tasmanian devil' kicking up dirt, having fun in big leagues - just like he always pictured it

Josh Naylor of Mississauga, Ont. embraces the challenge of making his name in Major League Baseball. The Cleveland first baseman's belief in the hard yards paying off is unrelenting and so is the belief in himself.

Why a Canadian legend walked away on the verge of her Olympic dream

It seems a cruel and abrupt end to Krystina Alogbo's illustrious international water polo career, but in the life of an athlete, Father Time is a constant whose reality has only been accelerated by a global pandemic.