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The funeral home industry is expected to embrace video technology post pandemic

When Ernie Morgan's mother died last summer, he was upset that he couldn't have a larger funeral attended by all her friends and family. Morgan and other funeral home directors believe the pandemic will spur widespread adoption of technology in the industry.

Calgary wedding planners say some clients making rules around vaccination status

As larger weddings become possible around the country, wedding planners say the COVID-19 vaccination status of attendees has become an important talking point.

Pornhub parent company MindGeek faces U.S. lawsuit over exploitation allegations

An international law firm has launched a lawsuit in the U.S. against Montreal-based MindGeek over alleged sexual exploitation videos on one of its websites, Pornhub.

Remote workers finding more employment as COVID-19 pandemic drags on

The pandemic has brought an unexpected boom to remote workers who were used to working from home for employers far away even before COVID-19 hit.

Smaller crowds appear at popular Toronto park where thousands gathered last weekend

The scene at a downtown Toronto park was much calmer on Saturday than a week earlier when thousands of people defied physical distancing rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic forcing changes to ancient Ramadan customs

The month of Ramadan, when Muslims go without food or drink from sunrise to sunset every day, then gather to break their fast and pray together, will look very different this year.

Doctors' association says help from government not enough to survive COVID-19

The association representing Ontario doctors says a proposal from the provincial government to offer advance payments will not be enough to keep clinics open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Refugee shelter in Toronto reports outbreak of COVID-19

A refugee shelter in Toronto is reporting four cases of COVID-19, and the organization that manages the facility says multiple other cases of the virus have appeared at other shelters in the city.

How the discourse has changed around defining topics of the decade

The last decade in Canada has been one of seismic social changes. We've changed how we talk about gender, global politics, drugs and what it means to be a Canadian.

Protests against Indian citizenship law as divisive politics play out in Canada

As hundreds of people gathered in Toronto on Friday to protest a controversial citizenship law in India, some members of the city's Indian community say a rise in divisive politics have created tensions here in Canada.