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Bianca Andreescu has high hopes for Canadian tennis team at Tokyo

Bianca Andreescu grew up watching tennis at the Olympics, envisioning herself one day competing for Canada with a gold medal on the line.

Reopening anxiety: experts say shaking lockdown habits will be hard for some

Some experts say some post-pandemic apprehension is to be expected after 16 months of living with COVID-19.

10 weeks or 12? Expert says slight difference in AZ dosing interval likely negligible

The second dose interval for AstraZeneca vaccines are being reduced to avoid spoilage, but a pathobiologist says it doesn't matter.

Families, experts say long-term care report shows pandemic lessons can't be ignored

The spotlight on Ontario's long-term care sector must not be allowed to dim again, observers said the day after the release of a scathing report outlining the province's neglect of the facilities in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ontario man believed to be 1st Canadian with COVID-destroyed lungs to get double transplant

Timothy Sauvé's coronavirus infection became so severe that it eventually required a double lung transplant — believed to be the first done in Canada on a patient whose lungs were irreparably damaged by the virus.

U.S. is outpacing Canada's COVID-19 vaccine rollout — but experts say it's not a 'model of success'

A recent ramping up of the United States's vaccine rollout has it vastly outpacing its northern neighbour, and some Canadians are wondering why distribution in their country is lagging so far behind.

CDC shortens quarantine recommendation for U.S., raising questions in Canada

The recommended quarantine time for close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case is being reduced by up to a week in the United States, but while some of Canada's health experts say a similar approach could be useful here, others aren't so sure.

Experts call for #COVIDzero strategy to weed out virus, but will it work?

As COVID-19 cases rise steeply across parts of Canada, some infectious disease experts are calling for a new strategy to curb the unruly spread of the virus.

Clear messaging, safe options key to fighting COVID-19 fatigue

With COVID-19 cases rising in parts of the country, tightened restrictions are causing some Canadians to abandon safety precautions.

Psychologists worry about mental health in first full COVID-19 winter

Psychologists have worried about the mental health toll of rising COVID-19 cases and tightened restrictions for months — add in the shorter days and colder weather of the approaching season, and we could be in for what one expert called a "long, dark winter."