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U.S.-born freestyle ski star Eileen Gu focused on mission amid backlash over decision to represent China

Eighteen-year-old freestyle ski star Eileen Gu of China could become the first action-sports athlete to win Olympic gold in three separate events at the Beijing Games.

March Madness: Brackets set for NCAA men's basketball tournament

The biggest mystery leading into a March Madness bracket reveal more than a year in the making had little to do with bubble teams or top seeds. Instead, it was the not-so-simple matter of which programs would be healthy enough to play.

The long game: COVID-19 changed the way we play, watch, cheer

A year after the worldwide coronavirus pandemic stopped all the games in their tracks, the aftershocks are still being felt across every sector.

Freeski daredevil, 17, poised to become face of 2022 Beijing Olympics

When sports fans hear the name Eileen Gu over the next 12 months — and they will hear it a lot — it will not be by accident.

Russia blasted by sport court for doping scheme despite lightened sanctions

The highest court in sports blasted Russia for engaging in "a cover-up of the cover-up" in another desperate attempt to deny culpability for a state-sponsored doping scheme, while also justifying its decision to reduce the country's punishments at the next two Olympics.

Sports are great with or without Olympics says snowboard icon

To all those surfers, rock climbers, skateboarders and, now, break dancers, who dream of taking their act to the Olympics soon, one of history's best snowboarders has a message: Your sports are great with or without the rings.

Olympics on tight timeline to chart new path on protest

For generations, the IOC knew exactly where to look for key support of its ban against protests at the Olympics.

Listening to athletes, USOPC won't punish Olympic protests

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee will heed calls from athletes and won't sanction athletes for raising their fists or kneeling on the medals stand at next year's Tokyo Games and beyond.

American bill to criminalize doping schemes signed into law

A bill that will criminalize international doping conspiracies became law Friday with President Donald Trump's signature, closing out a two-year legislative process during which the only true opposition to the bill came from outside the United States.

'We can do better': Outspoken American Olympian Gwen Berry wins humanitarian award

Gwen Berry won a humanitarian award Wednesday for raising social justice issues in the United States — a journey that began in 2019 when she raised her fist on the medals stand at the Pan-Am Games during the national anthem.