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Sidelined: In the push for change, this time feels different for people who are under-represented in sports

A lack of diversity in sports leadership positions has always been in full view, but it's come into sharp focus now. There is a sense the time has come to actually implement structural, tangible change. This time feels different. 
Special Report

Sidelined: Even the top job offers no immunity from racism

While the rise to the corner office in sports leadership is a struggle for people of colour in North America, even those who hold the top jobs are not immune to the prejudice and systemic racism that pervade sports as they do other parts of society.
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Sidelined: Concordia coach Tenicha Gittens making change happen 1 hire at a time

Tired of a lack of action from the top level of Canadian sports, a number of Black coaches are creating their own opportunities for change.
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Sidelined: For many Black coaches, the last step up the ladder can seem insurmountable

For years, Clayton Pottinger worked on his coaching skills, developing a resume he felt was good enough for Canada's university level. But every opportunity that slipped by made him wonder if it would ever happen — and about the reasons why.
Special Report

Sidelined: How diversity in Canada's sports leadership falls short

The vast majority of leadership positions in Canadian sport — from the NHL and CFL to high-performance governing bodies and university athletics — are occupied by people who are white. For many Black, Indigenous and persons of colour, that is a problem.

NHL hub cities: Which are best equipped to host hockey in a pandemic

When the NHL first announced plans in May to salvage its season, it "only" had the health limitations of a global pandemic to contend with. A lot has changed since the league announced the 10 locations it might use as hub cities to resume its season and playoffs.