Deidra Dionne

Deidra Dionne is Director, Business Affairs at Rogers Media. Her unique outlook on the business of sport stems from her experience as a two-time Olympian and Olympic medallist in freestyle skiing aerials, and from her education and experience as a lawyer in the sport and entertainment industry.

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Bertrand Charest abuse case spotlights the need for real change

It would be an injustice to the survivors of Bertrand Charest's sexual abuse, writes former Olympic athlete Deidra Dionne, if nothing was done to prevent this from happening again.

Catching drug cheats a marathon — not a sprint

Athletes from around the world will overtake Calgary for the first-ever Global Athlete Forum beginning on Sunday, designed for sport leaders to have input on how to better protect Olympic sport from the black cloud that continues to overshadow it: doping. But the real change must come from the Olympic athletes themselves.

Journey to Paralympics shouldn't include financial or accessibility obstacles

Sport is expensive. It's no secret the rising cost of sport makes participation impossible for many Canadian families. But within the Paralympic community, the cost of sport isn't the only preventative obstacle, access is an additional burden.

Should Olympics, Paralympics be showcased on same stage?

In its current format, there is a two-week lull before the torch is officially passed from the Olympic Games to the Paralympic Games. The wait is a buzz kill, and one Paralympic great wants to see that changed.

Alex Harvey was robbed of a medal by IOC's weak response to Russian doping

With news of Russia's Olympic reinstatement, every medal won by the country continues to carry an additional air of suspicion, including the 17 medals won in Pyeongchang, South Korea, by Olympic Athletes from Russia.

Coaches without borders: Training Olympic athletes is a global business

The Olympic Games are built on the premise of athletes competing for their countries. But coaches are free to work anywhere, and that's why you'll see Canadians helping rival countries win medals — and vice versa.

Why Russia should be banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics

In an open letter to IOC president Thomas Bach, Winter Olympic medallist Deidra Dionne argues that Russia must receive the strongest possible punishment for its doping violations.

3 questions parents should ask about their child's coach

The recent sexual assault cases involving a former U.S. gymnastics team doctor and a former Canadian ski coach have left many parents wondering: how can we ensure sport is a safe place for our children?

More is more: Athletes may benefit from multi-sport training

Early sport specialization is often sold to the masses as the only way to become a champion, but a training program that incorporates multiple sports can pay off too, writes Deidra Dionne.

Increase is nice, but athlete assistance should be tied to rate of inflation

How grateful should Canadian athletes be before saying an increase in financial support isn't enough? Is it too early to say an 18 per cent increase after 13 years of static support doesn't even amount to an increase matching Canada's inflation rate.