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David Giddens produces and writes and edits for CBC Sports. POV writing and podcast are his main areas of attention.

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The glory and the grudges: Donovan Bailey's 'Undisputed' autobiography

Olympian double gold medallist and fastest man of his era, Donovan Bailey recounts the pleasures, problems, and personalities he encountered on his way to the top of the world of track.

'Races' digs deep into sprinter Harry Jerome's disturbing family history

Olympian Valerie Jerome anchors her famous brother's story in generations of race- based violence within the family.

'Famous for a Time' profiles Canadian history makers & record smashers nobody seems to remember anymore

History professors highlight the life and times of no-longer famous Canadian athletes, and in the process expose the ongoing influence of sport on culture and Canadian national psychology.

Competitors welcome return of North American Indigenous Games

The triennial event returns, to the delight of athletes, coaches, and teams from every part of Turtle Island.

Early start to wildfire season puts air quality front of mind for coaches and athletes

Health Canada and the Sports Information Research Centre want coaches and athletes to be more aware of air quality during smog and wildfire seasons.

Triumph to tragedy: Canada's Turcotte family rose from deep poverty to the peak of horse racing

Horse racing expert Curtis Stock tells a complete story of the New Brunswick family who knew triumph and tragedy in almost equal portions. From Secretariat rider Ron Turcotte through to Yves, the youngest brother to take the reins.

'Down and Back' traces alcoholism, hockey, and family

Hockey player, coach, and commentator Justin Bourne describes the interplay of alcoholism and hockey in his family.

Arctic Winter Games returned in grand fashion

A week of the Arctic Winter Games wrapped up Saturday in Wood Buffalo, Alta. Athletes, coaches and organizers delighted in the unique culture and contests of strength, skill and endurance.

'Good For a Girl' explores the hazardous lives of young women track athletes in North America

Lauren Fleshman was a national champion distance runner in the U.S. She recounts the dangers she and other female athletes face in a system designed by men for men.

Competition like none other: Athletes ready to shine at Arctic Winter Games

A week of the Arctic Winter Games is set to kick-off Sunday in Wood Buffalo, Alta. Athletes, coaches and organizers eagerly anticipate the unique contests of strength, skill and endurance.