Adam Kreek

Olympic rower

Adam Kreek was towed to gold in men's eights rowing at the Beijing Olympics mostly due to his incredible teammates. Now a father and working stiff, he aims to inspire adult men to take small measures to improve their health every day. He's a corporate speaker and trainer as well as a champion for the Canadian Men's Health Foundation.

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Canada's rowing tradition continues at Tokyo 2020 — and beyond

Over the past year, our Canadian rowing team worked through the challenges of coaching changes and COVID-19 lockdowns to continue a strong legacy in this power-endurance sport. The athletes did our country proud, as we saw countless outlays of support for their efforts on social media.

Rowing Canada looks to past in hopes of a better future

After a disappointing showing at the Rio Olympics, Rowing Canada is engaging its alumni like never before in hopes of turning things around in time for Tokyo.

How to attack 2017 like an Olympian

If Olympic athletes can achieve something extraordinary by setting their sights four years ahead and focusing on one clear objective, why can't you? Here are some Olympic-inspired strategies to help you get the best out of 2017.

From competition to coaching: Lindsay Jennerich inspiring next generation of Canadian rowers

Four months after her silver medal in Rio, Lindsay Jennerich is back on the water. But not with her doubles partner. As Adam Kreek writes, the grounded confidence of this Canadian rower is now inspiring the next generation of athletes as she moves into a coaching role.

'The Bump' hasn't knocked race walker Evan Dunfee off course

Two months after controversially losing an Olympic bronze medal, Canadian race walker Evan Dunfee has maintained a world-class mindset, and we can all learn something from his willingness to take responsibility.

Shrink that spare tire by swinging a real one

All you need for this workout routine is an old car tire. Try the health, fitness and challenge levels to get the maximum benefit.

Refugee crisis leaves mark on Rio Olympics

In spite of the negative pre-Games narrative, the Rio Olympics were a successful sports spectacle. The athletes – as always – made the Games a success. Even those who came in last place.

Coaching at Olympic level requires calculated approach

Canada's top coaches in Rio offer their insights to Adam Kreek on how to best get athletes prepared in pressure situations.

Russian doping scandal: 6 ideas for justice

How should we handle the Russian doping scandal? CBC Sports' Adam Kreek tells his six suggestions for justice.

Weekend warriors can still compete in meaningful ways

You don't need to be the fittest person in the world. You just need to be a warrior who shows up on the occasional weekend.