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IOC presidential race: The 6 candidates

Meet the six candidates campaigning to succeed Jacques Rogge as the next president of the International Olympic Committee when voting is conducted on Sept. 10

Jacques Rogge stepping down after 12 years

There will be a new International Olympic Committee president at the helm by the time the next Olympics take place in Sochi, Russia in February.

Jacques Rogge will step down and into retirement after 12 years as head of the organization.

There have been nine presidents since the IOC was founded in 1894. With just one exception — Avery Brundage of the United States, from 1952 to 1972 — the previous IOC presidents have all hailed from Europe.  

There are six candidates in the running to succeed the Belgian Rogge. After the candidates made their official pitches to IOC voting members in July, the election The election will be held Sept. 10 in Buenos Aires.

Here's a closer look at the candidates:

Thomas Bach

  • Country: Germany.
  • Age: 59.
  • Occupation: Lawyer.
  • Olympic participation: Team fencing (foil) gold medal at 1976 Montreal Games.
  • Year joined IOC: 1991.

IOC roles: Member of executive board 1996-2004; vice president 2000-04; vice president since 2006; chairman of evaluation commissions for 2002 Winter Olympics and 2004 Summer Games; chairman of juridical and sport and law commissions; chairman of anti-doping disciplinary commissions; negotiator of European TV rights deals.

Other: President of German Olympic Sports Confederation since 2006.

Slogan: Unity in Diversity.

Pros: Ticks most boxes as former Olympic athlete, head of national Olympic committee, high-ranking IOC member with hands-on experience at all levels; relatively young; fluent French as well as English; comes from Europe, the biggest regional bloc in IOC; key support of Kuwait's Sheik Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, influential head of Association of National Olympic Committees.

Cons: Longtime front-runner status puts target on back; "ABB" (Anybody But Bach) movement among some IOC members; recent report on systematic doping in former West Germany; backlash among some members to pro-Bach lobbying by Sheik Ahmad.

Quote: "The IOC president serves this orchestra as a conductor. I will do my very best to conduct the IOC in this way of participation, dialogue, consensus and motivation."

Status: The man to beat.

Sergei Bubka

  • Country: Ukraine.
  • Age: 49.
  • Occupation: Sports administrator, businessman.
  • Olympic participation: Four-time Olympian in pole vault; gold medal winner at 1988 Seoul Games. Also a six-time world champion and still world-record holder.
  • Year joined IOC: 2008.

IOC roles: Member of executive board as athlete representative 2000-08; regular member of executive board since 2012; chairman of athletes' commission 2002-08; chairman of evaluation and coordination commissions for 2010 Youth Olympics; chairman of entourage commission since 2010.

Other: President of Ukraine Olympic Committee; vice president of IAAF.

Slogan: An Olympic Movement Fit for the Future.

Pros: Most famous name among the candidates as pole vault great; young, energetic former athlete; high-ranking positions in IOC, IAAF and national Olympic committee.

Cons: Viewed as too young.

Quote: "I have passion. I have drive. I have energy to dedicate to the movement which gave me basically everything I have. Sport is in my life. Sport is in my genes."

Status: Longshot.

Richard Carrion

  • Country: Puerto Rico.
  • Age: 60.
  • Occupation: Banker.
  • Olympic participation: none.
  • Year joined IOC: 1990.

IOC roles: member of executive board 2004-12; chairman of finance commission since 2002; chairman of audit committee since 2006; negotiator of U.S. television rights deals.

Other: Chairman and CEO of Popular Inc. and Banco Popular of Puerto Rico; board member of FIBA (international basketball federation) since 2010.

Pros: IOC's top finance man; negotiated record $4.38 billion deal with NBC for U.S. TV rights through 2020; has overseen growth of IOC's reserves from $100 million to $900 million; distinguished public presence; made strong impact in July presentation to members in emotional speech without notes.

Cons: Lack of Olympic sporting background; pigeonholed as a money man; no clear regional backing..

Quote: "We are an organization that is based on values and strong emotions. The minute we forget that, then we're lost."

Status: Among top 3.

Denis Oswald

  • Country: Switzerland.
  • Age: 67.
  • Occupation: Lawyer.
  • Olympic participation: Three-time Olympian in rowing, winner of bronze medal in fours at 1968 Mexico Games.
  • Year joined IOC: 1991.

IOC roles: Member of executive board 2000-12; chairman of coordination commissions for 2004 Athens and 2012 London Olympics.

Other: President of international rowing federation (FISA) 1989-2013; president of Association of Summer International Olympic Federations (ASOIF) 2000-12; arbitrator on Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Slogan: My 5 Rings.

Pros: Extensive experience; high-profile roles in IOC and international sports federations; legal background; well known among the members; fluent in French, English, German; a European alternative to Bach.

Cons: Age; associated with Swiss control of IOC; identified with old guard rather than new generation.

Quote: "My 40 years of service to the Olympic movement have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of our organization as well as its role and significance in the wider world."

Status: Outsider.

Ng Ser Miang

  • Country: Singapore.
  • Age: 64.
  • Occupation: Businessman, diplomat.
  • Olympic participation: None.
  • Year joined IOC: 1998.

IOC roles: Member of executive board since 2005; vice president since 2009.

Other: President of organizing committee of 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics; vice president of international sailing federation 1994-98; non-resident Singapore ambassador to Norway.

Pros: Candidate from Asia, continent of increasing influence; organizer of inaugural Youth Olympics; affable personality; popular with members; diplomatic experience.

Cons: Seen by some as "too nice"; not viewed as having imposing public presence; potential opposition from some Asian countries.

Quote: "I am proud to be Asian, but I'm also global. To lead a world organization, it is necessary to have a world view. Being from Asia is also advantageous because I would bring to the table a different perspective."

Status: Among top 3.

C.K. Wu

  • Country: Taiwan.
  • Age: 66.
  • Profession: Architect.
  • Olympic participation: None.
  • Year joined IOC: 1988.
  • IOC roles: member of executive board since 2012.
  • Other: President of International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) since 2006.

Slogan: Beyond Olympism, Together.

Pros: Asian candidate; credited with reforming AIBA after replacing corruption-tainted Anwar Chowdhry; longest-serving member of the six candidates.

Cons: Age; lack of influence at highest IOC levels; Taiwan's relations with China, which regards the self-governing island as part of its territory and objects to diplomatic recognition accorded to Taipei.

Quote: "I truly believe that the IOC now needs a leader who is able to harmonize all relationships, delegate his responsibilities to the members and support them in the realization of the Olympic ideals and beyond."

Status: Longest shot.