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Felicien still questionable for Beijing Games

Perdita Felicien insists her left foot is completely healed, but there's still some doubt whether she'll be ready to compete at the Beijing Games.

Perdita Felicien would like nothing more than to represent Canada at this summer's Olympic Games, but the world-class hurdler insists she'll only compete in Beijing if she's 100 per cent ready.

Felicien, 27, suffered a stress fracture in her left foot during a training session in February, and even though the former world champion in the 100-metre hurdles insists the foot is completely healed, there's still some doubt whether she'll be ready to run in China.

"What it's a question of is if my foot is healthy enough and if it can withstand that kind of force and if it's not I just won't go because I don't want to risk my future or my career," said Felicien, who competed in the Games in Athens in 2004 but collided with a hurdle and did not finish the final.

Of course, there is the small matter of making standard before she is even allowed to compete in China.

Felicien, whose personal best in the 100-metre hurdles is 12.46, has until July 22 to make standard by clocking a time of 13.11 seconds in the event.

The native of Pickering, Ont., is not competing at this year's Canadian track and field championships, which serve as the Olympic trials, currently going on in Windsor, Ont.

She was given a medical exemption by Athletics Canada, which means time is running out for her to make standard by the July 22 deadline when Canada's track and field team for the Beijing Games will be named.

Until then, a spot can be left open for the 2003 world champion.

Canadian Olympic track and field head coach Les Gramantik thinks Felicien can make standard, but said she'll have to do much better than that if she has any hope of winning a medal in China.

"13.11 is the time she has to run in the next two weeks and that's not too difficult for someone like her, but 13.11, if that's all she can do, that's going to be very difficult for her to get out of the [preliminary] heats in Beijing," said Gramantik.