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NHLNHL lockout Day 24: Fan's comment of the day

Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 | 11:59 AM

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Could the latest installment of an NHL lockout affect the future of hockey in Canada?
(Jim Cole/Canadian Press) Could the latest installment of an NHL lockout affect the future of hockey in Canada? (Jim Cole/Canadian Press)

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In Tuesday's Fan's comment of the day, one fan reveals how the lockout has affected him and will continue to affect his children in the future. Do you think this lockout will be more devastating to the game long-term than previous ones?
With more than 20 days of the NHL lockout in the books, CBCSports.ca has been helping give fans a voice.

Until the game we love returns, we will continue to highlight one fan's take on the lockout each day from the posts we've received on Facebook, Twitter and the comments sections on CBCSports.ca.

Here is Tuesday's Fan Comment of the Day from CBC Sports user Printy:

"As a young father who myself grew up watching HNIC, collecting trading cards and idolizing players, I can say with 100% certainty that I will not be encouraging this type of behaviour in my own children.

Whether or not the NHL and NHLPA come to terms is irrelevant to me, since my concern is how the league preaches greed and violence over sportsmanship and love.

My children can make their own decisions, so if they choose to watch the NHL so be it, but I am going to actively encourage them to watch the CFL instead - those players are skilled and play for the love of the game.

Furthermore, with the disgusting abuse that is both ripe and covered-up at the lower levels, I will definitely NOT allow my children to play organised hockey. Fair or unfair, this one is my choice. Pond hockey is a must, of course, but for organised sport it will be soccer, or football or baseball, or anything else, really.

Sorry NHL and NHLPA, but I have the feeling you've both overestimated the loyalty of your core-fan base.

Like many of my peers, I had a strong emotional attachment to the NHL, one that I thought would never be broken. Despite this, the greedy actions of the NHL and NHLPA have effectively and irrevocably obliterated this link - now that is quite the feat."

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