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Castle River and Other Beautiful Mutations

Thumbnail image for Castle-River.jpgThis week on the X we have the big, blood brotherly sound of Castle River, and the beautiful mutations of the brilliant young writer Adam Pottle.

Castle River is a Saskatoon Duo that have been building audience rapidly with their syncopated rhythms, brotherly-like harmonies a monstrous full sound, since late 2010. They say that they sound "like Simon and Garfunkel getting mugged by Death From Above 1979. The blues-infused rock duo formerly know as Father Figures have changed their name to Castle River. officially as part of the band's performance for CBC Radio's concert series On A Cold Road, which took place last February at the Broadway Theatre.


Adam Pottle grew up in British Columbia and moved to Saskatoon in 2009 to pursue a doctoral degree in English literature at the University of Saskatchewan. His first book, a poetry collection entitled Beautiful Mutants, was released in April 2011, and short-listed for a number of Saskatchewan Book Awards. It is a stunner. Our three readers, Margo Regan, Michele Sereda and Kent Evans were all blown away by this new writer.