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13 Tracks All Summer

Brent Neilson thumb  006.jpgOver the summer, SoundXchange makes way for 13 Tracks, Brent Nielson's weekly dip into the coolest music you'll rarely hear on commercial radio. Brent's impeccable taste and open mind makes for an hour of surprising and accessible tunes that seem to sing to each other, as well as you. Join CBC Radio 1 every Saturday at 5 pm in the summer for 13 Tracks with Brent Nielson.


Follow the See More link to see the whole summer's line up of musicians and songs, with links the the artists....

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13 Tracks-master Brent Nielson


13 Tracks # 1

July 2nd - 2011


Artist: Brooke Fraser

Song: Betty

Artist: Adele

Song: Rolling In The Deep

Artist: Colin James

Song: Corrina

Artist: Sara Craig

Song: Work Song

Artist: James Hunter

Song: Jaqueline

Artist: Tara Holloway

Song: This Time Fer Sure

Artist: Jenn Grant

Song: How I Met You Baby

Artist: Matthew Barber

Song: I Think You're Gonna Feel My Love

Artist: Jill Barber

Song: Hard Line

Artist: Imaginary Cities

Song: Say You

Artist: In Flight Safety

Song: Amy Racina

Artist: Say Hi

Song: Hallie & Henri

Artist: Jen Lane

Song: Lie To Me

Artist: Chloe Albert

Song: Honey Bee

Artist: Zachary Lucky

Song: Coming Back Home

13 Tracks # 2

July 9th - 2011

Artist: Tanya Davis

Song: Eulogy For You & Me

Artist: Del Barber

Song: As Far As I Can Tell

Artist: The Sheepdogs

Song: Crying

Artist: Tegan & Sara

Song: Not Tonight

Artist: The Novaks

Song: Worm In The Apple

Artist: Alex Cuba

Song: Ella

Artist: Amanda Martinez

Song: Gitana

Artist: Robert Plant

Song: You Can't Buy My Love

Artist: Sunday Wilde

Song: Show Me A Man

Artist: BlueVenus

Song: Grin

Artist: The Monday Nights

Song: Dirt Town

Artist: NLX

Song: Buckle Up

Artist: Amos Lee

Song: El Camino

Artist: Kim Wempe

Song: Runnin'

13 Tracks # 3

July 16th - 2011

Artist: Buck 65

Song: Paper Airplanes

Artist: White Rabbits

Song: Percussion Gun

Artist: Brooke Miller

Song: Hands

Artist: Elliott Brood

Song: Valley Town

Artist: Madison Violet

Song: No Fool For Trying

Artist: Duffy

Song: Mercy

Artist: Jully Black

Song: Seven Day Fool

Artist: Bodhi Jones

Song: Work The Night Shift

Artist: Karla Anderson

Song: With Tenderness

Artist: Sarah & Mike

Song: Say A Prayer

Artist: Elvis Costello

Song: Five Small Words

Artist: Norah Jones

Song: It's Gonna Be

Artist: Hey Ocean

Song: Too Soon

Artist: Stars

Song: My Favourite Book

Artist: Colin James

Song: Man's Gotta Be A Stone

13 Tracks # 4

July 23rd - 2011

Artist: Emilie-Claire Barlow

Song: The Beat Goes On

Artist: Chic Gamine

Song: Before It's Too Late

Artist: Jane's Party

Song: Who You Are

Artist: Chloe Albert

Song: Drag On

Artist: Matthew Barber

Song: And You Give

Artist: KT Tunstall

Song: Still A Weirdo

Artist: Kinnie Star

Song: Another's Gone

Artist: Pacifika

Song: Me Cai

Artist: Bet E.

Song: Canto De Ossanh

Artist: Luke Doucet

Song: The Ballad Of Ian Curtis

Artist: Brooke Fraser

Song: Something In The Water

Artist: Nathan Wiley

Song: Needle In The Groove

Artist: Ellen Kolenick

Song: The Story Of Us

Artist: Stacy Burke

Song: Good Woman

Artist: Beck

Song: Scarecrow

13 Tracks # 5

July 30th - 2011

Artist: The Good Lovelies

Song: Crabbuckit

Artist: The Wailin' Jennys

Song: Swing Low Sail High

Artist: Parlour Steps

Song: As The World Turned Out

Artist: The Stills

Song: Everything I Build

Artist: Spoon

Song: Out Go The Lights

Artist: Damhnait Doyle

Song: Train In Vain

Artist: Serena Ryder

Song: Just Another Day

Artist: James Hunter

Song: Strange But True

Artist: Solomon Burke

Song: That's How I Got To Memphis

Artist: Seven Levels

Song: When All You've Got Is Your Head

Artist: Kathleen Edwards

Song: Asking For Flowers

Artist: Bahamas

Song: Southern Drawl

Artist: David Vertesi

Song: Broadcasting

Artist: Layah Jane

Song: Dandelion

Artist: Big John Bates

Song: Tainted Love



13 Tracks # 6

August 6th - 2011

Artist: The Deep Dark Woods

Song: All The Money I Had Is Gone

Artist: Romi Mayes

Song: Mercy On Me

Artist: Steve Earle

Song: Way Down In The Hole

Artist: Sultans Of String

Song: Contessa

Artist: Alex Cuba

Song: Si Per No

Artist: Corrine Bailey Rae

Song: Blackest Lily

Artist: Amy Milan

Song: Day To Day

Artist: Ron Sexsmith

Song: Get In Line

Artist: Emm Gryner

Song: Nowhere

Artist: Marc Jordan

Song: Geronimo's Fire

Artist: Christina Martin

Song: You Come Home

Artist: David Myles

Song: I Will Love You

Artist: Raphael Saadiq

Song: 100 Yard Dash


13 Tracks # 7

August 13 - 2011

Artist: Jeremy Fisher

Song: Come Fly With Me

Artist: Jenn Grant

Song: Getcha Good

Artist: John Bottomley

Song: Harlequin

Artist: Madison Violet

Song: Small Of My Heart

Artist: Rob Lutes

Song: I Know A Girl

Artist: Moby

Song: Natural Blues

Artist: Black Dub

Song: Last Time

Artist: Daniel Lanois

Song: Jolie Louise

Artist: Jenny Whiteley

Song: Raining In My Heart

Artist: Kim Wempe

Song: Roots

Artist: Amer Diab

Song: Nolan Gantry

Artist: Aimee Mann

Song: Looking For Nothing

Artist: Layah Jane

Song: Honey

Artist: Kirby Criddle

Song: The First Time

13 Tracks # 8

August 20th - 2011

Artist: Chloe Albert

Song: Sunny Day Song

Artist: Chic Gamine

Song: Take All The Time You Need

Artist: Christina Maria

Song: What You Make It

Artist: Prescott

Song: My Saviour My Sin

Artist: Sarah Noni Metzner

Song: Death

Artist: Joss Stone

Song: Some Kind Of Wonderful

Artist: Angie Stone

Song: Groove Me

Artist: Al Brant

Song: Advocate Of Love

Artist: Roxanne Potvin

Song: The Real Truth

Artist: Harlan Pepper

Song: El Jandro

Artist: Brian Macmillan

Song: Shine

Artist: Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle

Song: Saskatoon Tonight

Artist: Bob Dylan

Song: Thunder On The Mountain


13 Tracks # 9

August 27th - 2011

Artist: Bedouin Soundclash

Song: Mountain Top

Artist: Skavenjah

Song: Be Home Soon

Artist: Peggy White

Song: This Chance

Artist: Brock Zeman

Song: Where You Leave Your Car

Artist: Serena Ryder

Song: This Wheels On Fire

Artist: Pacifika

Song: Chocolate

Artist: Dominic Mancuso

Song: Menamenamo

Artist: Linda Lyndell

Song: What A Man

Artist: The Staple Singers

Song: Respect Yourself

Artist: Joel Fafard

Song: I Can't Be Satisfied

Artist: Lynne Hanson

Song: Rest Of My Days

Artist: Aaron Griggs

Song: Don't Care

Artist: Amy Heffernan

Song: I Do

Artist: Melody Gardot

Song: Who Will Comfort Me

13 Tracks # 10

September 3rd - 2010

Artist: Hayley Sales

Song: Not In His Garden

Artist: Annie Nolan Band

Song: Three Nights Dreaming

Artist: Arcade Fire

Song: Modern Man

Artist: Attack In Black

Song: I'm A Rock

Artist: Yukon Blonde

Song: Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore

Artist: Molly Johnson

Song: Tangerine

Artist: Eekwol

Song: Look East

Artist: Michael Franti

Song: The Sound Of Sunshine

Artist: Jack Johnson

Song: You & Your Heart

Artist: United Steel Workers Of Montreal

Song: Little Girl

Artist: Rural Alberta Advantage

Song: Two Lovers

Artist: Meaghan Smith

Song: I Know

Artist: Big Dave McLean

Song: My Adorable One

Artist: Michael Jerome Browne

Song: That's Where It's At

Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

Song: Private Lawns