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Out of the Dark

Ness Creek 2010 148 sm.jpgWe bring you back to the Ness Creek Music Festival this week on SoundXchange, this time with Saskatoon's The Deep Dark Woods. These raggedy boys fit right in to the Ness Creek vibe and you'll enjoy the tunes without the presence of mosquitos! Also we'll hear more Off the Map comedy from Jayden Pfeifer. In this Off the Map--Jayden finds that this essence of good health care is--simplicity.

Plus a hit from Carrie Catherine's new CD--Wilderness.

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The Deep Dark Woods

With about 2500 people camping on site, the woods at the Ness Creek Music Festival might not be deep and dark. Yet Saskatchewan's northern boreal forest still seems the perfect venue for this fantastic Saskatoon band. Lead singer Ryan Boldt pens much of the band's material. While he's often inspired by shadowy stories from bygone days, the energy and warmth the band exudes from stage often stands in sharp contrast to the lyrical content.

During their set at Ness Creek the sky opened up and the rain poured down. This didn't dampen the spirits of the large and enthusiastic audience, though, many of whom would retire to wet tents and damp sleeping bags at the end of the night. It's not so surprising, since Saskatchewan music-lovers were paying attention to The Deep Dark Woods well before they started getting national accolades.

Last year, the band was named Ensemble of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards as well as winning Best Roots Group at the WCMAs. Followers of CBC Radio 2's 2009 Great Canadian Song Quest will remember them as Saskatchewan's worthy representatives. The CBC-commissioned "Charlie's (Is Coming Down)" was the result of that project.

They are on tour almost all the time. Be sure and check them out when they come to a city near you.  And if you'd like to hear this concert again and again, check out CBC Radio 2's Concerts on Demand.


jayden.jpgJayden Pfeifer

Jayden is a fool. Ok, we'll fess up: a General Fool. Here's what they say about him:

Jayden Pfeifer is a Regina-based actor, improviser, and teacher. He has appeared in numerous performances on the Globe Theatre Mainstage, as well as several independent theatre productions.

Jayden's 12-year long improvisation career has been very successful. Since joining General Fools in 1997, he has committed himself to the performance and teaching of improvisation. Jayden has attended several international improv festivals, and has often served as guest director & instructor during those festivals.

In 2009, Jayden and his co-creator Ryan Beil premiered their new improvisation project Skin&Lungs at Globe Theatre, which enjoyed a sold-out run and garnered invitations to showcase around Canada.

Jayden is a Regional Director of the Canadian Improv Games, and the Artistic Director of the CIG Improv Camp. Jayden has studied with notable North American Improv instructors Keith Johnstone (Author of Impro), Randy Dixon (Seattle), Bob Dassie (LA), Mark Sutton (Chicago), David Razowsky (LA), and Tom Johnson (Portland). In 2008, Jayden was nominated as Best Male Improviser for the Canadian Comedy Awards.