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Merry Christmas!

happy_holidays.jpgMerry Christmas, and joy of the holidays, from everyone at SoundXchange and our families, to all of you and your families.  We wish you safe, happy and peaceful for today, the rest of these holidays, and indeed for all the years to come.

SoundXchange is preempted for Christmas Day by network broadcasting.  Enjoy :)

50492_155174511167765_5539_n.jpgSoundXchange will be back next week with an exciting new live concert: CBC/Radio-Canada in Saskatchewan presents: 'Jazz Manouche! An evening of gypsy jazz at the Broadway theatre in Saskatoon'. This cross cultural bilingual concert was recorded before a live audience for future broadcast on both the French and English services.

A rare evening with "The Hot Club of Edmonton" and "Christine Tassan & les Imposteures." Come enjoy a night ...with these English and Francophone musicians, who deliver a unique blend of music with roots in the prairies and Quebec.