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Noel Noël: The Spirit of Christmas

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Join the X  for a CBC Radio-Canada Christmas Concert:  Noel! Noël: The Spirit of the Season: wasthe the launch of the  2009 Comfort & Joy Campaign raising funds for the Food Banks of Saskatchewan,  featuring Quebec's award-winning songstress Claire Pelletier, and Saskatoon's singer-songwriter Paul Tobin, chanteuse Alexis Normand, and string king Karrnnel. 

The Food Banks of Saskatchewan: (from a CBC report from August 2009)

"The faces of food bank users now includes students and the working poor, according to those who run Saskatoon's food bank."

"It's staggering. It's very upsetting for us," Ted Merriman, executive director of the Saskatoon Food Bank, told CBC News. "We see a lot of people that are the working poor right now that are coming in. Students that are utilizing the food bank, as well as seniors."

Merriman said that compared to March 2008, the food bank had seen a 40 per cent increase in the number of people using its service.

Long lineups have been challenging for volunteers.

"It'd be good if we had more people here sometimes," Dylan Lasas, one of 25 volunteers at the centre, said in-between trips to the warehouse to bring out more grocery items.

Merriman said they could use more help to cope with the rise in numbers. He said many new clients are showing up, with new problems.

"When they come they're saying that their rent is too high. The price of food has gone up. And they just don't have ... enough at the end of their paycheque to support their food," Merriman said. "And their food budget is the first one to go because they realize that they can come to the food bank and utilize us."

Merriman said many people drop by the food bank first, to pick up basic supplies, and then continue to a grocery store."

Featured performers:

Claire Pelletier_DSC1622.jpg 

Claire Pelletier



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Paul Tobin



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Alexis Normand