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Sheepdogs rock.

TheSheepdogs thumb.jpgThe X goes to the dogs. Oh heavens--I'm sorry--I really shouldn't have gone there--but we've got the shaggy folk-rock of Saskatoon's The Sheepdogs--and it was just sitting there waiting to be said....They're great...listen. Read more »

Grounded Men

bird thumb.jpg

Photo courtesy of Stephen Davis, from Trevor Herriot's blogspot.

Come to the X for a concert with the grounded, oh so made in Saskatchewan Joel Fafard, and a reading from Trevor Herriot's latest award-winning paeon to our prairies, and the birds that call them home, Grass, Sky, Song read by his also made in Saskatchewan daughter, actor Kate Herriot.

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Trumpets blast and Lift

sandraridleyphoto thumb.jpgBe uplifted by the audio debut of Sandra Ridley's stunning award-winning poetry cycle, Lift, plus trio Three Trumpets ( Dean McNeill, Barrie Redford and Dave Anderson) in a jazz concert at the Bassment Club.

For more of a lift, link here to CBC's Pakistan Relief page, and give today.

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