CBC Saskatchewan

with Kelley Jo Burke

SoundXchange is back! And we've got a special In Studio series for you!

SoundXchange has a special series in September of recorded live In Studio interviews and concerts for one (that would be me, KJB!), plus beautiful words, music and chat from across Saskatchewan's arts community, Saturdays at 5 pm on CBC Radio 1 in Saskatchewan. 


Oct 19: SoundXchange Finale: In our last show as SoundXchange, we have an In Session with Tim Vaughn, who may have been born with a guitar clutched in his little hand, and an intimate interview with the mercurial leader of the hit of this year's Regina Folk Festival, Honus Honus of Man Man.




 Listen to the song Man Man sang for me at the Regina Folk Festival.

Goodbye and thanks to you all

KJB-BnW-250px-055.jpgI have to announce that Saturday, Oct 19 was the last broadcast of SoundXchange - CBC Radio Saskatchewan's Words and Music show. I want to thank the producers. engineers, and so importantly, the artists for making my 14 years working in radio arts such a joy. I have loved working with each and every artist.  I am ridiculously proud of all of them, and have delighted in telling the world that they are grand, and brilliant and unique, and notice should be taken. And finally, to everyone that listened, thank you. You made everything possible.