Saturday Night Blues
with Holger Petersen

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Video clips from the 25th Anniversary


Hear That Guitar Ring

Geechee Woman


Smoke 'Em All

Doin' It Right

Terraplane Blues

Me And Piney Brown

Holger's Memphis trip

Here a re few snaps from Holger's latest trip to Memphis for the Blues Awards:

HP and Denise LaSalle, Memphis 2011 300.jpg
Holger Petersen and Denise LaSalle

Densie LaSalle & Duke Robillard, Memphis 2011 300.jpg
Denise LaSalle and Duke Robillard

Sonny Rhodes, Memphis 2011 300.jpg
Sonny Rhodes

Rev. Al Greens church, Memphis 2011 300.jpg
Rev. Al Green's church

About The Show

About the Show

Since 1986 Saturday Night Blues has been CBC's flagship program of great blues, swing, boogie, gospel, and roots music with Holger Petersen at the helm.

SNB is everything a good radio program should be. Entertaining, informative, casual, and for a Saturday night, its where the party is. We offer exclusive interviews, concerts and live in-studio performances.

The Blues can be found equally in music created today or a hundred years ago. It is in gospel, swing, boogie woogie, roots, pop, jazz and even classical every now and then. From the Mississippi Delta to the Yukon, from Vancouver Island to Great Britain to Japan, it is a global phenomenon with universal appeal.