GIF roundup: 12 impressive kids put their smarts to the test on CSP Junior

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

A new battle for Canada’s Smartest Person began this week with one big little change. This season, 12 of the country's smartest kids are vying for the title of Canada’s Smartest Person Junior! So over the next six weeks, our host Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, will be leading some of the brightest young minds in this big country through challenges to determine who will take home the title. Here’s what happened, in animated GIF form!

The first two challenges in a six-part speed round immediately tested the competitors’ math and spelling skills — and Paul pointed out that some of them looked like they'd rather eat broccoli than spell it.

Liam H. thought his spoons deserved an apology after not being able to balance them in the super-tricky game of Balanced Meal.

After six challenges, Mateus became the first-ever junior competitor to walk up those sparkly stairs and be safe for the next week.

Sadly, Matthew S. was the first person to be eliminated. Let’s hear it for Matthew S.!

“Who loves cake?!” It looks like everyone does! But would they still love it after they had to compete to recreate one in the first-ever Canada’s Smartest Person Junior team challenge?

And who better to judge a cake competition than the winner of Season 1 of The Great Canadian Baking Show, Sabrina Degni!

The remaining 10 had only 30 seconds to memorize every little detail of a visually epic cake... before it disappeared into a cauldron of smoke. Can you say stressful?

They basically had to remember every detail on an extremely detailed five-layer cake, but Alexia and Misuzu knocked this challenge out of the park and headed up the staircase to safety!

Tension built when everyone learned there was a three-way tie!

They took a look back at results from the speed round to break the tie… and Arjun, Danica, Liam V. and Sandra got to head up the staircase safely and relax backstage with Mateus.

But one more person still had to be eliminated. So Ashley, Zoe, Liam H., and Matthew Y. went head-to-head in a challenge that would send two more of them safely up the steps. Things got so tense, our host could barely handle it.

Ashley took the lead with only one more block to place, and Paul’s commentary was not helping! But she was able to tune him out, place her sixth block and move on to next week!

Matthew Y.’s laser-focus paid off big time and he was the next competitor to head up those stairs to safety.

Up next, Zoe and Liam H. had to face off in the ultimate elimination zone. Some quick thinking saw Liam leading 2-0 but he had some kind words of wisdom for Zoe.

In an absolute comeback, Zoe was the first to sink three balls into the funnel and moved safely on to next week’s episode!

Everyone congratulated Liam H. on a job well done and it looks like we may be seeing him again someday!

And there you have it! Only 10 hopefuls remain, so be sure to tune in next week at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC, the CBC TV app and!