Coming up with a speech is nerve-racking. These kids do it in 45 seconds.

Posted on Dec 6, 2018

Improvise a speech. In 45 seconds. Using 30 keywords. Could you do it without choking?

Remember last week when we said things were about to heat up? We weren’t lying. Week four was all about the twists and turns. First, the competitors had to show off their gift of the gab in an intense round of speedy speeches.

The competitors were also giving us plenty of candid commentary this week.

Looks like someone’s in it to win it.

Were you thinking this competition looked easy?

And all the gif-able reactions:

TFW you get to go on to the next round.

We call this one “Ultimate concentration face.”

And this is definitely “Ultimate frustration face,” non?

Liam V. pumped us up big time this episode, so let's take a minute to appreciate that.




Danica got eliminated in a very high stakes round...

But not so fast. You know this episode is all about the twists… and maybe some déjà vu. Remember these faces???

OMG plot twist: In the biggest shock of the season, our host Paul Sun-Hyung Lee announced that the eight eliminated participants will have a chance to compete next week to claim a spot in the finale. They were literally screaming!

Next week is the redemption episode when we will see which two contestants will make their epic comeback. And then, it may sound bonkers, but the week after that is already the season finale!

Tune into Canada’s Smartest Person Junior next week at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC, the CBC TV app and!

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